Executive summary

Senior Salesforce Administratorwith over 12 years of experience in designing, implementing, and optimizing salesforce solutions to drive business growth and operational efficiency.

Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, customize Salesforce to meet unique business needs, and streamline processes. Proven track record in managing complex data, automating workflows, and ensuring data integrity.

Skilled in user training and support, with a strong ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Excels in delivering high-quality, scalable, and sustainable Salesforce solutions that empower organizations to maximize ROI and customer satisfaction.

Remarkable acumen to oversee multiple tasks, perform within a fast-paced environment, work effectively under pressure, and meet tight deadlines


  • Salesforce Administration
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Outstanding customer/client service proficiency
  • Superb database and CRM proficiency
  • Possesses creative and effective automation and design skills

Work Experience

Salesforce Consulting - Freelance (Remote) August 2023 – Present

  • Currently leading a new implementation of Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) for an insurance partner.
  • Directing org consistency, permissions accuracy, sharing settings and sets for internal, mobile, and portal users.
  • Researching and developing documentation on Copado, SMS implementation, proper user licensing, and all functionality of Field Service Lightning as this application is brand new to the company and team.
  • Reviewing existing flows and offering suggestions for consolidation to reduce tech debt.

SkySpecs (Remote) October 2022 - August 2023
Senior Salesforce Administrator

  • Led the successful implementation of a field service managed package (alongside the vendor), including a customized mobile app, designed for the energy industry that added 100 Platform users to Salesforce, alongside project managers with standard profiles, with security needs for each, and custom profiles.
  • Upgraded Ironclad legacy version to the current version, while taking the opportunity to build out more data points in Salesforce, enabling it to manage contractual terms, implement more automation, and improve reporting data.
  • Configure and customize Salesforce to meet business requirements, including custom objects, workflows, validation rules, and process automation (Lightning Flow).

Stord, February 2022 to August 2022 (Remote) (Impacted by company-wide layoffs)
Senior Salesforce Administrator

  • Configured and administered Salesforce and all managed apps/integrations installed or integrated with Salesforce, including DealHub CPQ, Zendesk, Zoominfo, Chorus, Groove, Chili Piper, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, 6sense, and HubSpot.
  • Supported end-users with troubleshooting, resolving inquiries, and providing training and onboarding assistance.
  • Oversaw data integrity and hygiene within Salesforce, including data import, deduplication, and data cleanup efforts

Cofense, April 2020 to February 2022 (Remote)
Sr. Salesforce Automation Systems Administrator

  • Spearheaded change and automation requests twice weekly with Sales Ops team members and stakeholders to ensure consistency and overall integrity of the entire organization.
  • Stayed updated on Salesforce best practices and new features to make recommendations for improvements.
  • Organized, implemented, and monitored Salesforce and all managed apps/integrations installed or integrated with Salesforce, including DealHub CPQ, Zendesk, Archiver, Ironclad, Outreach, Conga, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, Marketo, HubSpot, Clari, Outpost, and Loopio.
  • Migrated the company’s Salesforce org to Lightning shortly after starting, which involved redesigning the new UI, and user training
  • Developed a deep understanding of Zoominfo and Buyer Intent to train Sales as a regular part of their prospecting plan to improve lead capture and prevent lost business
  • Regularly analyze data integrity issues and make suggestions for improvements to ensure data is clean and deduplicated
  • Review(ed) and resolve(ed) Salesforce governor limit violations, minimizing to near 0% since starting the company

Total Administrative Services Corporation, May 2019 to April 2020 (Remote)
Sales System Administrator (Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot)
Supervised all Digital Sales Systems, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, and Formstack efficiently.

  • Managed all Sales Systems including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, Formstack
  • Rearchitected existing customization including account and opportunity hierarchy
  • Configured Lightning Sync for Outlook mainly for Events, but also Email
  • Implemented Cases (including email to case) for internal support and enhancement management
  • Built out and implemented HubSpot for new product launch for large market
  • Managed and updated complex purchaser details application built in Formstack
  • Identified, implemented, and managed integration opportunities with Salesforce, such as GovWin IQ Connector, to streamline the company's government contract/RFP opportunities process

Independent Salesforce Consultant, March 2015 - May 2019
Salesforce consulting services for nonprofits, small, medium, and large businesses

  • Scrutinized, collected, and documented client requirements, developed solutions, configured, and implemented new instances of Salesforce, including integrations, Community implementations, and data cleansing/migration.
  • Configured Salesforce to align with clients' business processes, including custom objects, fields, workflows, and automation.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers, Boston, MA, April 2015 – October 2015
Senior Technical Analyst – Salesforce (Unlimited edition, Sales and Service Cloud)

  • Managed backlog of salesforce technical enhancements and defects from various business units
  • Ran standing meetings with the business unit liaisons to track requests and ongoing issues
  • Documented detailed requirements to capture business unit requests, or, at times, oversee the documentation of same by Business Analysts
  • Performed SFDC configuration changes, including field maintenance, workflows, sharing rules, validation rules, and approval processes, reports and dashboards, ETL, Web-to-Lead, Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case setup, assignments and queues, etc.
  • Troubleshot and resolve production errors and failures
  • Represented business units in the daily scrum, including drafting Agile Stories
  • Coordinated the logistics of UAT

John Hancock Financial Services, Boston, MA July 2014 - April 2015
Senior Business Analyst

Analyzed, built and implemented enhancement requests from two business units using an Agile process, as well as troubleshot and resolved production issues for new multiphase company-wide implementation of Salesforce.

Project Analysis and Support

  • Managed the build-out/customization for new business group’s migration from Smart Office to Salesforce, complete with creating over 70 new text, lookup; formula; and pick list fields for Lead and Account/Contact objects (and mapping); creating new workflows and other automation including identifying and implementing solutions requiring Apex trigger development
    • Created Profiles, Permission Sets, Sharing Rules and Workflows to manage access to sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Employed field level security against fields and page layouts to limit user access to or visibility of certain fields
    • Created new record types to limit shared pick list values and notes/attachments access to current profile only
  • Troubleshot and resolved production issues, including those involving multiple integrations from legacy systems
    • Stepped in and resolved integration issues for one business unit after weeks of daily delta failures from inception
    • Became the go-to person for both businesses to resolve any integration breakdown

General Business Analysis and Support

  • Interacted with business unit members to gather and document enhancement requirements for quarterly sprints
  • Analyzed and identified solutions for declarative and/or development customization for business unit requests taking into consideration existing customization to avoid conflicts
  • Conducted preliminary testing prior to User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Managed UAT with Business users and provide feedback to the Development team (when solution is development) for adjustments when necessary
  • Designed and deployed Workflows, Validation rules, Queues, Web-to-Lead, and Auto-Response Rules for automating business processes
  • Administered/troubleshot installed AppExchange packages like DocuSign, as well as research other apps to improve business processes
  • Assisted with Avaya CTI salesforce application implementation, which provides agents with click-to-dial and screen pop capabilities

Tekscan, Inc., South Boston, MA, May 2012 – July 2014
Salesforce Administrator & Project Manager

  • Managed day-to-day operations of Salesforce CRM and Marketo Marketing Automation systems for the sales and marketing teams, product managers, billing/order entry, and senior managers by:
  • Creating and customizing fields, building formulas; building and scheduling reports; designing dashboards; editing/updating VisualForce pages; creating automated workflows that include tasks,  email alerts, and field updates
  • Developing and implementing plans and procedures to increase operational efficiency
  • Perform ad hoc requests, issues, and training on a daily basis
  • Managed company's Phase III implementation of Marketo Marketing Automation system, complete with auto task creation, workflows, scoring and lead nurture programs, Sales Insight interesting moments, and web form/landing page creation
    • Built and oversaw over 600 programs to accommodate the company's four divisions
    • Oversaw all marketing department’s creation of programs, forms, and landing pages
    • Provided weekly training and information sharing on Marketo best practices
    • Implemented combined Salesforce sharing rules, workflow and Marketo Smart Campaigns to limit Marketo’s access to certain records
    • Collaborated regularly with Web Specialist to ensure optimum lead handling and process flow of form fills for organic and CPC (pay per click) lead capture
  • Managed company’s Phase II implementation of Salesforce, which involved complex customization of Opportunities including Custom Work Order, Discounts, and Shipping record Objects. In addition:
    • Elicited multi-departmental requirements
    • Architected layouts and workflow processes
    • Performed substantial data cleansing (ongoing)
    • Communicated regularly with development consultant
    • Conducted weekly status meetings, facilitating multilevel approval processes, and developing formal training materials in preparation for rollout
  • Implemented new Record Types for managing Distributor, Manufacturer’s Rep and Standard Account types to provide appropriate layouts and data for each, including:
    • Creating rollup summary fields and formulas to provide current and previous year total sales figures, current contractual discount structure, distributor and rep annual plans, exclusive and nonexclusive territories, and contractual terms for each Distributor/Rep Account record type
  • Analytics: built over 100 complex sales and marketing management reports and associated dashboards for senior management (President, VPs), marketing and sales teams
  • Created profiles and roles based on organizational role hierarchy and implemented record-level and field-level security and sharing settings for 55 users
  • Regularly updated and maintained data integrity using DemandTools and SFDC Data Loader